Sofa Beds


PRICE: $1890

W: 82″ X D: 36″ X H: 31″

Available in two colors

White, Grey

Stainless steel, Leatherette, Memory foam mattress

Sofa Beds

Sofa beds are among the most versatile pieces of furniture one can buy. If saving space is a priority, a sofa bed is the ideal furniture item. It takes two completely individual pieces of furniture and turns it into one simple, yet sophisticated option. With that in mind, look to sofa beds as an enticing option as they are both multi-functional, and a great choice when it comes to saving space in your living room.

Modern Sofa Beds

The days of old uncomfortable and often creaky sofa beds are gone! Today sofa beds not only serve the purpose of saving space in a guest room or living room, but offer a comfortable option to sit and watch your favorite show, or host out-of-town family with a good night’s sleep.
Although comfort is high on the list of priorities, no aesthetic detail gets left behind. Zyance offers the sofa bed for your space with a variety of designs to compliment your style. These contemporary sofa beds blend in with the surroundings seamlessly, and you may even be surprised at the fact that it converts into a bed. We offer the perfect piece of furniture for versatility, and never sacrifice your home’s contemporary style in doing so.

Zyance Advantage

With a wide variety of styles and options, there is not a single sofa bed that wouldn’t fit your homes style in a flawless way. We at Zyance offer leather, linen, and cloth options, among others, to meet and exceed the standards you would expect in a European, contemporary furniture company. This doesn’t mean any sacrifice in price. The prices are industry leading for the high standards of our products. Of course, something that lasts long is key. We provided specially crafted sofa beds with durable options, such as metallic and quality wooden structures.
With the large variety that we offer, finding the perfect sofa bed for your space will be easy, and will compliment your style perfectly.

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