Living Room Consoles


PRICE: $1190

W: 72” x D: 20“ x H: 30”

Available in one color


Living Room Consoles


PRICE: $990

W: 63“ X D: 18” X H: 30”

Available in one color


Living Room Consoles

We at Zyance Furniture understand that sometimes a room doesn’t look complete. Every so often you just need a little something extra. A majority of these situations are solved by the addition of one simple item, a beautiful Zyance console table.


A console table is the perfect accent to any living room. Ever wonder what to put in that empty corner? Maybe you are looking for a place to set your keys, or a vase or, maybe a lamp. The uses for our console tables are endless. They are the ideal multiuse piece of furniture. By choosing the right console table, you can add beauty and character to any room.


We offer a large variety of choices in console tables so that you are sure to get the one that is characterized by not only your style, but also by the style of the whole house. From metallic, glass, and wood based designs, we have the right option for you. If one material style doesn’t completely suit your taste, then why not choose from one of our options that combines multiple materials for a bold look.

Advantages of Zyance Living Room Consoles

You can be sure that our tables are durable, and in with the latest in today’s contemporary trends. Our room consoles are made of fine imported materials, but can be
purchased without breaking the bank. Our mission is to give you the highest quality furniture at an affordable price. A room console will help to enhance the furniture you already own, and accent the room to make it a place you will never want to leave.
When you buy from Zyance, you know that you will have the latest in contemporary home design. Please feel free to scroll through the online showroom to find the room console that compliments your needs in order to create that amazing contemporary living room you have always dreamed of.

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