Living Room Bookcases


PRICE: $830 $590

H: 70.9″ x L: 17.7″ x W: 17.7″

Available in multiple colors

Walnut or White lacquer



PRICE: $870 $720

H: 41.3″ X L: 66.9″ X W: 18.5″

Available in multiple colors

Walnut or White lacquer


What perfect contemporary home doesn’t have a book case? The idea that book cases are just for books is a thing of the past. The concept in contemporary home décor is based on neat, clean, and chic principals. With that being said, a bookshelf is the perfect piece of furniture for any modern living room.

Modern Use

Gone are the days when bookshelves are simply used for old dusty books. Today a bookshelf belongs in a living room because it shows a sense of customization, and taste. Our sophisticated and visually appealing bookcases offer exactly what any trendy living room needs.
A contemporary bookcase enables you to add a custom touch to your home’s style. You can display those treasured memories, pictures, and books to show your sense of personalization. A bookcase is an ideal way to decorate your home combining both functionality and taste. They are also a great way to keep that neat contemporary style by giving you the capability of organizing your belongings in a unique way.

Personalization and Customization

Not only does it show a sense of sophistication throughout the room, but the functionality purposes are endless. In today’s houses, most living rooms also serve the purpose as an entertainment room. You could line up your favorite Blu-ray discs, along with the kids’ video games. Another great option is to use it as a place to keep the remote and gaming controllers, removing the never-ending hunt through those sofa cushions. Throw up a few of your favorite books to show off your novel collection, and maybe put a couple baskets on the bottom shelf as extra storage for those items that always wander the house.

You can be sure that the proper bookcase will bring a room together, and serve as a great conversation piece. Zyance is sure to have the bookcase that will add the best personalized touch to your room while serving great functionality purposes.

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