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A sofa is the main piece of furniture in your living room. Whether you are looking for a place to kick back, relax, and enjoy a movie after a long day in the office, or whether you are looking to entertain guests, we have the perfect sofa for you! With leather, faux leather, cloth, among many other options, we are sure to carry the couch for you, and your home’s designer needs. All of these styles are in with the latest in contemporary trends with clean cut lines and fine materials. There is no sacrifice in any aspect of our sofa beds, so you are sure to have a comfortable, and aesthetically pleasing new sofa.


Sofas Beds


Sofa beds are some of the most versatile pieces of furniture you can purchase. They do wonderfully at serving two jobs by saving you money and space! Sofa beds combine two pieces of furniture and turns it into one. This does NOT mean half of the quality or half of the aesthetic appeal. Zyance sofa beds are extremely comfortable weather watching a movie with the family or hosting out of town guests.




Contemporary and modern home designs tend to have many seating options. Modern accent chairs can complete the look of your living room giving it a more inviting feeling while keeping the open and uncluttered contemporary feel. They are the perfect seating solutions if you are always entertaining or hosting company in your home! If you are looking to add a little contrast to your room with added style points, go for an accent chair that stands out by choosing a color that is not already found in the space along with a material like velvet or leather.


TV Stands


In today’s world the focus for any living room is the television and entertainment center. Many of us only spend time in our living room when it comes to watching TV, movies, or playing video games. For this reason, you are going to want, and need, a proper modern TV stand. Since most modern living rooms need a TV stand why not take the opportunity to make a statement and buy a contemporary Zyance TV stand. Our TV stands all fall into the modern rule book following clean cut line principles and functionality. All of our TV stands are made with fine materials and top level craftsmanship.




Gone are the days of big bulky book cases. Zyance offers book cases that are perfect for any modern home that fits in well anywhere I the living room giving off its own sense of style while also complimenting the rest of the furniture in the space. Book cases are not only for books; you can place a number of things from cherished family pictures to this week’s New York Time’s Best seller. With a variety of options, you can trust to find the book case you’ve been dreaming of!


Living Room Side Tables


Coffee Tables


Whether you are looking for a piece of furniture to make a dramatic statement in your living room or maybe somewhere to lay the remotes and magazines down, there is always a use for a coffee table. Our coffee tables are all modern with a range of premium building materials from wood, to chrome, to glass, and many more, there isn’t a coffee table that won’t match your sense of style and home’s individuality!


Living Room Consoles


There is no better opportunity to make a statement and compliment the rest of your space than with a Zyance living room console. You can fill in gaps between furniture, place one in that awkward empty corner of your living room, or even use it near your front door to place your keys and wallet. There are tons of options for properly utilizing a living room console in your home. We offer a range of options in height, material, and style so you are sure to find the one perfect for your contemporary home!


A living room is one of the most important rooms in the house. It is the space where you watch TV relax, entertain, play games, and spend time with family, friends, and guests along with much more. For these reasons your living room is where you will want to show off your personal tastes, so that your whole home says something about your style and preferences. No matter if you prefer wooden surfaces or metallic and chrome finishes, contemporary modern furniture can pull your home together to show off your individual flare.

At Zyance we are proud to offer modern designs in sofas, sofa beds, accent chairs, benches, coffee tables, TV stands, console tables, and bookcases in the sharpest trends for your home. All of our quality imported living room furniture is built to last and is sure to fit within your reasonable price range.

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