Table Lamps


PRICE: $580 $450

H: 17″ x D: 9.4″

Available in two colors


Table Lamps


PRICE: $490 $320

H: 29.5″ x D: 17.7″


Table Lamps


PRICE: $490

H: 18.9″ x D: 15.7″

Available in one color


Table Lamps


PRICE: $275 $210

H: 29.5″ x D: 9″

Available in two colors

Chrome, Gold / PVC, Carbon, Steel

Table Lamps


PRICE: $770 $590

H: 33″ x D: 15″

Available in one color

Smokey Glass / Glass, Carbon, Steel

Table Lamps


PRICE: $440 $340

H: 72.8″ x D: 11.8″

Available in one color

White, Gold

Table Lamps


PRICE: $290 $145

H: 21″ X W: 7.25″

Available in one color

Bronze / Brass

Table Lamps

A new Zyance modern table lamp can add a contemporary flare and also serve the function of lighting up your room perfectly! Choosing the correct table lamp for your room can help add ambient lighting to your living space and help to complement your current décor.

We offer variety of sizes, styles, and quality materials so you are sure to find the perfect table lamp for your home. Our designers are in with the latest modern and contemporary trends to add a chic feel to anyone’s home. We have the upper hand on the competition for this reason. Not only are our imported table lamps built to last, but they are sure to be within any reasonable budget!

There are many areas in your home where a table lamp will work flawlessly. We will go over a few where they are most popular and recommended.

For Your Bedroom: Your bedroom is the area in a home where people tend to spend the most time. Whether it is for destressing after a long day of work, sleeping, watching TV, or reading a book or magazine. Implementing the right lighting in your bedroom can make an impact on all of these pastimes and activities. Proper lighting makes an impact on reducing stress on your eyes whether that is reading a New York Time’s Best Seller or catching up on Netflix. Placing a table lamp on your night stand is also recommended so you always have a light within arm’s reach. It is also the best opportunity to add a touch of texture and ambient lighting to the rest of your décor.

For Your Home Office or Desk: If you have a home office or desk, odds are you are spending a good part of your days in it. Contemporary desk table lamps tend to be less bulky, smaller, and cover minimal surface area so you don’t sacrifice any precious work space. You will be happy to see just what you are working on with a more focused light, and reduce eye stress from staring at computer monitors all day.

For Your Living Room: When putting a table lamp in your living room the ideal location is on a side table, next to your couch. Table lamps are perfect for when you need a more direct light on a reading piece, or to simply light up the often dark corners in your living room. A table lamp will bring ambient light to the entire room and with our designer inspired designs will complement your whole space!

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