Black Tower

PRICE: $1790 $1390

H: 68.5″ x D: 35.4″

Available in one color

Black, Aluminum, Fabric Shade

Floor Lamps

White Tower

PRICE: $1790 $1390

H: 68.5″ x D: 35.4″

Available in one color

White / Aluminum, Fabric Shade

Floor Lamps

Little Man

PRICE: $1490 $1090

H: 28.3″ x W: 27.5″ x L: 25.2″

Available in one color

White / Fiberglass

Floor Lamps


PRICE: $390 $290

H: 62.2″ x D: 10.2″

Available in two colors

Chrome, Gold / PVC, Carbon, Steel

Floor Lamps


PRICE: $1050 $790

H: 33″ x D: 16.5″

Available in one color

Smokey Glass / Glass, Carbon, Steel

Floor Lamps


PRICE: $4990

FLOOR LAMP: H: 91.7″ x W:70″

Available in two colors

Black, Red / Aluminum, Carbon

Floor Lamps


PRICE: $420

H: 7.3″ x L: 6″ x W: 2″

Available in multiple colors


Annaba Floor Lamp – 1300×582

Lighting is among one of the most important elements in a contemporary home. There are many reasons as to why lighting is so important in your home, including setting the mood during anytime of the day or night, and allowing you to enjoy spending time with family and friends. The correct lighting is vital; floor lamps are ideal for lighting every room in your home from your bedroom to the kitchen. Floor lamps are the perfect key to setting the mood to anywhere in your home, but are most often used in the living room, bathroom, bedroom, and office space.
At Zyance we carry a variety of modern and contemporary styles, and materials, to fit your exact needs in a floor lamp, in order to reflect your home’s unique flare, all of which are at a better value than the competition.


Nothing finishes off your room quite like the perfect floor lamp. Decorating your home with a modern Zyance floor lamp is a breeze. The ideal location to place your floor lamps is in a darker corner of your space or close by the sofa. By strategically placing them in those locations can do your room many favors. A floor lamp can light up the whole area, eliminating awkward darkness while giving off an inviting glow throughout. By adding a floor lamp to the corner of a sofa, you give the corner a cozy feel that will tempt you to sit down and open up a book.


Keep these tips in mind while you browse our online catalog in search of your dream floor lamp.
• For broad lighting, consider a lamp with a shade in which the top is open in order to light up the ceiling, giving the whole room some added light.
• Our styles with side lights offer adjustable reading specific lighting along with lighting throughout the room in some options.
• Keep in mind to choose low voltage, fluorescent, and LED specific lamps to keep energy costs lower.

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