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Floor Lamps


Floor lamps are a great lighting solution for any room in any home. They can be placed in virtually any room from your bedroom to the living room. Decorating with a modern floor lamp is quick and easy. Help light up that dark unused corner in the room, or put it at the corner of the sofa so reading a book is as easy at sitting down and turning on the light. Zyance has many options when it comes to floor lamps, from reading specific floor lamps, to open top shade styles to give the whole room a nice even glow. No matter which floor lamp you choose you can be sure that it will convert your space into a more inviting one!


Pendant Lamps


Pendant lamps are becoming very popular in the contemporary home design. They provide an alternative to classic wall lighting or ceiling lighting which gives off an undesirable “artificial light.” Pendant lighting is perfect because it gives you a direct focused light on the desired location such as a table or entrance way. They are also one of the most versatile lighting solutions as they can be placed virtually anywhere in your home. Zyance carries a wide variety of pendant lamps with styles and materials to choose from to help compliment the rest of your furniture and sense of style!


Table Lamps


Table lamps are the perfect lamps for you whether it comes to your bedroom, office, living room along with many more places in your home. Our Zyance table lamps are great when it comes to giving your space a contemporary feel, and are the perfect lighting solution if space is tight. Unlike floor lamps, for which you need decent floor space, table lamps can be set on a desk, night stand and table. This makes them perfect reading lights or as a little added light so you don’t strain your eyes watching TV or staring at your work monitor.


Wall Lamps


Wall lamps are the perfect option when trying to save space. Unlike table lamps and floor lamps, wall lamps take up no useful space because they are simply fastened to the wall. Our Zyance wall lamps portray a look of sophistication and class throughout your home. They help give depth and texture to any room. They are ideal for small, highly circulated areas in your home such as hallways, bathrooms, kitchens, and entranceways because they won’t get in your way!


Lighting is one of the most important aspects to consider if you want your house to give off a proper contemporary feel and mood. Without good lighting your home will look boring and dull, in turn, defeating all purposes of creating a modern home.

Lighting will accent furniture and add texture to your home throughout. Choosing the proper lighting is vital in order to get your contemporary home right. Maybe you are unsure whether to go with a pendant lamp, or a wall lamp, or can’t decide between a table lamp or floor lamp.

Whatever it is you may need, Zyance will have the option that is perfect for your home with the latest contemporary trends at a better value than the rest of the competition!

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