The goal in contemporary design is to have a clean and uncluttered feel throughout your home. We understand that sometimes it is difficult to find a place to store all your dinnerware, silverware, and table cloths, especially if you are short on space. Purchasing a new Zyance buffet will help solve many of your storage problems, and turn your dining room into a more tasteful place to entertain, and spend time with family. We have many contemporary options to suit your needs at an affordable price with no penalty in quality.


Most associate buffets and sideboards with the needs of storage. Here at Zyance, we keep that in mind when designing our buffets, as well as the needs for a designer friendly piece of furniture. They are the ideal place to store all of those items that you may not have enough room to keep elsewhere. We offer a variety of buffets with a range of storage options.
These different storage options can be catered to your specific needs. Suppose you need to store both silverware and dinnerware, your best option would be a buffet that is designed for that exact purpose containing drawers and cabinets. Most contemporary buffets have shelves that can be adjusted to withstand room for taller items. This allows more customization to change things up, along with your changing needs.

Make a Statement

Making a statement is essential for many. Buying one of our buffets will make a statement in your dining room when properly paired with the rest of your furniture. A buffet is an ideal spot to put out pictures, a vase full of roses, or seasonal decorations.
When it comes time for entertaining guests, all you need to do is open the buffet and grab a nice table linen before setting the whole table with ease straight from your chic Zyance buffet. Not only does it make setting up easier, but you can also entertain guests by displaying some hor d’oeurves and cocktails before dinner is served.

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