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Dining Tables


The main point of focus in any dining room is, of course, a proper table. Without one it wouldn’t even be considered a dining room. It is the place where everyone gathers for meals and special occasions. A dining table is the perfect piece of furniture to make a statement and entertain guests. The simple addition of a new contemporary dining table will raise the bar, and set the standard for your entire dining space. Zyance carries an assortment of dining room tables for the very purpose that choosing the perfect dining table should not be a chore. With many tables to choose from and our showroom design experts you will be sure to find the perfect one to suit your personal tastes and fit in with your home’s style flawlessly!


Dining Chairs


Every contemporary dining room needs a chic set of modern dining chairs. Dining chairs tend to be almost as important as the table itself for the overall mood of the room. Just because you may think you have a great table, doesn’t mean you can simply overlook the power that the dining chairs have. With the many different styles we carry, you are sure to find the perfect chairs that match your dining table and your home’s style. You can’t go wrong with Zyance dining chairs due to the fact that we are in with the latest movements in contemporary design and offer built to last chairs for all.


Dining Room Accent Chairs


Ever feel like your dining room is missing a little something in terms of contrast or flare? If so dining room accent chairs are a major tool to help change that. With the array of styling possibilities they can provide, there is no better option than a Zyance accent chair. For example, if you have a long rectangular table, it is a great idea to put an accent chair to either side. This will not only create contrast points to either end, but they also give a feeling of completeness to the entire dining room.


Bar Stools


At Zyance we understand that not every meal has to be a formal sit down affair. Sometimes you just need to grab a bite to eat before heading out the door, or enjoy a quick breakfast before starting your day. We offer a range of bar stools just for those reasons. Convert the kitchen high top into a contemporary masterpiece with the simple addition of our trendy, and modern barstools!




Everyone always needs a little extra storage space once in a while. If you are one of those people, then a buffet is the ideal piece to add to your dining room. They are a great place to stock extra dinnerware, silverware, tablecloths, and napkins. What is even better, is the fact that a buffet can double up and be used as extra countertop space and even a serving area for when entertaining guests. With many styles and building elements to choose from Zyance is sure to have the perfect buffet that stands out while complementing the rest of the décor in your dining room and kitchen!


Dining Room Consoles


Have you ever thought to yourself that your dining room could use a little something extra? Maybe a dining room console is that perfect extra something! Serving many uses, the console table is an ideal piece to add to your dining area. They can be used to display family pictures or set seasonal moods by laying out Christmas cards or the seasons’ flowers. Some of our consoles have drawers, and can be the perfect place to keep napkins or silverware so you never have to go very far to set your dining room table. All of our dining consoles carry the latest in contemporary principles so you can take that next step in your interior design!


The dining room is one of the most special places in your home. It is where families come together and spend time with each other, where memories are formed when entertaining guests, and where special occasions, and holiday meals take place.

With all of these precious moments happening year round, wouldn’t you want a dining room that is beautiful and comfortable, to help make those moments that much more memorable? At Zyance we understand all of these aspects and are determined to provide modern and contemporary furniture that will do exactly that!

There are many points that go into making a complete dining room into a space suitable for your needs. Some things to consider are a dining room table, chairs, accent chairs, buffets, consoles, and barstools to name a few. Zyance is proud to offer all of these products, all of which are imported, top quality, and built to last furniture pieces for prices much less than the competition!

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