Bedroom Accent Chairs


PRICE: $590

W: 27” X D: 33“ X H: 31”

Available in multiple colors


Steel Leatherette

Bedroom Accent Chairs


PRICE: $790

28.7″ x 31.5″ x 41.3″

Available in multiple colors

Grey, Black and White, Cream

High quality fabric upholstery

Bedroom Accent Chairs

Ever get the impression that your bedroom needs a little added touch, but you can’t quite put your finger on what it is? Customers come in to us with this problem all too often, and are typically most satisfied when we implement the idea of adding bedroom accent chairs to the desired “awkward space.” 

An accent chair or two is perfect for any contemporary bedroom if your room allows the proper amount of space for one, without being cluttered. Zyance is the perfect place to shop when looking for a built to last, trendy, and of course contemporary accent chair in a reasonable price range. 

What a Zyance Accent Chair Can do for You

Many people tend to overlook the functionality that an accent chair holds. Maybe you just want a place to sit and enjoy a freshly brewed cup of coffee or a place to enjoy a few episodes on Netflix, whatever the reason, an accent chair can do that and more. 

Preparation: An accent chair could help you get ready in less time on mornings before heading out to work or school. Laying out the next day’s outfit on the accent chair is a great idea. It’s a clean and easy way to keep your outfit ready to go in the morning, and is also a great place to sit down and put your shoes and socks on before running out the door. This could easily save up to 10 or 15 minutes in the morning, taking away the stress of being late for work, or even providing you a few extra minutes of precious sleep.

Socialization: An accent chair is the perfect way to socialize in the comfort of your bedroom. Whether it is with a loved one or a friend, having one or two accent chairs makes that possible. Not to mention it’s a perfect place for your dog to sit and still be in your presence without necessarily being in your bed.

Organization: Many people tend to think that having an accent chair will take away from the organized feel in their bedroom. Yes, that can become of possibility for those who use it as a pile zone for dirty clothes. To avoid that, one could simply use the accent chair as a place to put clean laundry as you are folding it before putting it away. It is an added bonus piece in the room that provides many versatile uses, and takes away very little space for daily bedroom uses.

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